Oshid Hair Fall Solution

OSHID HERBAL HAIR OIL is an almost magical blend of all natural oils selected for their unique abilities to promote healthy hair and scalp. Using only the finest grade oils, we have developed a hair serum that is rich in essential fatty acids and other nutrients. Our all natural hair oil promotes sheen and luster, stimulates circulation, reduces bacteria, helps prevent dandruff and clears plugged pores.


Ayurvedic Hair Oil rich with Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil , Aloe Vera,Tea Tree, Black Seed and other natural oils, OSHID HERBAL HAIR OIL is quickly absorbed for maximum effectiveness. No cheap fillers or extenders are used in our unique serum that has been especially formulated to promote growth, soothe scalp, control dandruff, moisturize and increase sheen. OSHID HERBAL HAIR OIL is an exceptional natural hair oil full of essential fatty acids and other nutrients necessary for proper hair and scalp health.


Product Name



120 ml.




Herbal hair care oils are one of the most well recognized hair treatments. Ayurvedic hair oils not only moisturize scalp, reverse dry scalp and dry hair conditions, but provide numerous essential nutrients required to maintain normal functions of sebaceous glands and promote natural hair growth. Hair hair care oils have been traditionally used to treat irritated stressed scalp, reduce effect of aging on hair shape and growth, combat seborrhea and alopecia. Herbal hair care oils work through nutritional support of natural skin restorative and hair growth processes. Regular continuous application is the best way to achieve significant improvement.


Hair is made up of 88% proteins. These proteins are chains of amino acids. A common amino acid found in hair is cystine. Almost all hair problems result in lack of nutrition in the hair. Stress keeps the cells from reproducing. Sebum, bacteria and dirt wrap a hair’s root and does not allow it to respirate or breathe resulting in thinning and loss.


Everyone’s hair needs vitamins. Lack of vitamins can cause slow growing, dull hair and hair that is easily broken or damaged and can sometimes cause thinning!