Calferon (Iron & Calcium) Capsules

Calferon (Iron & Calcium) Capsules - Herbal

Calferon (Iron & Calcium) Capsules - Herbal




Iron deficiency anemia is the condition where blood of the person gets impoverished. The main reasons for the weakening of the quality of blood are too few red blood cells or the red blood cells are deficient in hemoglobin, resulting in poor health and extreme fatigue.

Calferon is distinctive from normal herbal supplements because iron supplement is usually not adequate alone. Vitamin C, Folic acid, Calcium is requisite for Iron amalgamation by blood. This iron supplement along with natural Iron also contains Emblica Officinalis which is a rich natural source of Vitamin C and Calcium; both useful for proper assimilation of Iron in the blood.

Product Description

Calferon  improvised blood by escalating natural absorption of iron, which is a crucial element of the protein complex and haemoglobin.

This herbal supplement is actually quite a simple disorder to treat if few precautions are taken. Iron deficiency is caused due to a metabolic disorder in the body when the blood is unable to make an adequate amount of red blood corpuscles hence causing anemic conditions in the body. It prevents or minimizes imbalances and improves assimilation of essential nutrients, which helps individuals increased sources of iron to reduce mental or physical strain and better sleep.

It also induces calmness of mind, thus serving body’s natural autonomic nervous system to be restored with alkaline and acidic balance.


Product Name


CALFERON CAP(For Calcium, iron & vitamin C)


CALFERON SYP.(For calcium, iron & vit C)