Face Nikhar Capsules

Face Nikhar Capsules (Herbal Skin Care)

Face Nikhar Capsules (Herbal Skin Care)



Face Nikhar is an Ayurvedic Skincare providing a simplistic skincare regime that really works. Face Nikhar works from deep within your body to help remove all the impurities present in the blood that cause pimples, blackheads, boils, acne, cysts, spots and other skin problems. It increases blood circulation and helps your skin to stay healthy and clear. Face Nikhar also acts as a liver stimulant and detoxifies this vital organ with the help of the herbs Bhunimba and Katuki. By detoxifying the liver and cleansing the bloodstream, Face Nikhar increases resistance to skin infections.




FACE NIKHAR CAP (For extra fairness & glow acne pimples & blemishes)

10X10 Cap.


There are twelve herbs in this unique combination formulated to provide a totally safe and natural healing preparation to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream and cleanse the entire system resulting in a healthy and radiant complexion.

Skin speaks about the health is an old proverb. To understand its truth try to recall glowing face of someone, by just watching his face you can tell how much happy and healthy he is! Skin is the largest organ of the body and gives an outlook of your inner body to the rest of the world. Skin covers the body, gives security from the ups and downs of the outer world. Along with this it also makes the Aura surround the body. What is inside one can tell just after looking at the body, just like a cover of book, which can tell you what inside the book is!

Skin is an outer most part it is true, but on the other hand it is similarly true that skin gets nourishment by the inner body, through minor capillaries. This capillary system makes it enriched with blood. That is why this is a common way to give medication to the body through applying some medicines and putting some patches on the skin, right from ancient times.

Whenever it comes to the nourishment of the skin we people only think that top apply something on the skin is enough, for skin’s betterment!! It is not so. While skin is getting its nutrition fro the rest of the body, one needs to provide that particular range of nutrition for the skin through the foods and herbs. So if you want to do a complete care for your skin, do it from both the sides. If you feel that applying some cream on the skin is enough for your skin, you are going on a wrong side. Cream makes a layer on the skin, which protects it from the external world for a small time (try to recall the label of your sun-screen lotion, it does has a time limit, but alas not the sun and wind outside?). Along with this these creams seem to be absorbed in the skin as these changes into a very-very thin layer, confusing you that it has been absorbed. While making a film these creams closes the outlets of the skin causing different diseases!

Ayurveda has found the particular way to nurture your skin 5000 years back. It has two parts. First, provide proper nutrition to your skin by using proper diet and herbs and if you want to care your skin properly, apply only oil. As Oil and Ghee (Indian purified butter) are the only two things which get absorbed in the skin very easily. Secondly concept of Ayurveda about beautiful skin is entierly different from the concept of the modern sciences….
The Ayurvedic Concept about skin says that skin is a result of inner activities of the body, not only the presence on the outer part of the body. Ayurveda says that skin is the result of the inner environment of the human body, not the external one, only. So to nourish the skin in well manner, you should have your inner environment very strong and cultured. All the parts of body are in harmony, if; then only it is possible skin will be beautiful. So to make your skin healthy and beautiful, the most important thing is that you should work on the internal environment of your body. That is the reason Ayurveda has recommended many herbs which are essential for the building up the skin internally.

The cosmetics we use usually have an indication that doesn’t swallow these, because these are harmful for the internal system of the body but according to Ayurveda this is totally different. Skin has an capability to digest, whatever comes in contact with the skin, so whatever you apply on your skin should be compatible with rest of the body, only then it is possible to have a better skin over all. This concept of Ayurveda can be summarized in one line-

What you apply on your skin should be same what you can intake.

The main purpose of the Ayurvedic care about the skin is to nourish the skin and to maintain it naturally. Don’t hide something under cover of some makeup foundation, just let the natural beauty come out from inside you and you will be amazed how amazing you are naturally.

False things are false and true are true…..and nature is the truest phenomenon of the universe so is to be natural. So what matters is- how beautiful you are naturally. The creams and cosmetics make a layer over your skin and suffocates the skin and never let it to breath easily, so this is the main thing also in management of the skin in a healthy way.
Ayurveda gives you a chance to grow more beautiful naturally!
According to Ayurveda, everything revolves around the three Doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the same is applicable on the skin also. 
Acne & Pimple occur at the age of puberty, when there is an insufficient activity of the germinal glands. It is a social problem, and for few months spoils charm of the face, as pimples & acne form disturbing spots on a pretty face. In fact acne is a condition in which inflammation & infection of the sebaceous (oil) glands & ducts results in skin eruption giving rise to pimples, pustules and cysts on the skin surface. In majority of cases-acne is a transitory condition that gradually diminishes with the stabilization of hormones in the adulthood.

In pimples, the head cells & oil don’t flow smoothly out of the pore to the surface. Instead of falling apart, the cells stay stuck together & begin to build up along the wall of the follicle. The follicle wall thicknens. When this happens it spells trouble. This is how all acne strarts. Eventually the build up process will completely plug the pore with dead cells & oil. While the follicle is not yet completely plugged at this stage, pressure from the oil & dead cells has already caused the follicle walls to bulge. As the dead cells & oil continue to build up they cause the walls of the follicle to bulge more & what was originally a tube-shaped follicle balloons to become the shape of a tiny round ball. Eventually, the ball became large enough so that it is visible on the skin surface.

With continual accumulation of oil & dead cells within the follicle, sometimes the hole at the top is slowly stretched opens. As the pore opening thus enlarges, are can easily see the opening & the pore appears filled with a dark cheery substance. The follicle wall sometimes ruptures & the dead cells, bacteria, sebum & tiny hair get out of the follicle & into the dermis & the dermis gets red-hot angry, inflamed. Microscopic blood vessels in the area get bigger & the area becomes red.