Allage (Multivitamin) Capsules

Allage (Multivitamin) Capsules

Allage (Multivitamin) Capsules



Do you dream of increased

  • Physical and mental vigor
  • Improved health and memory
  • Improved sexual vigor
  • Long active youthful life

Lets prevent and stop ageing in an ancient manner through ancient herbs (Rasayans). Just try and let the dreams come true..


Product Name


ALLAGE  CAP (with Indian Ginseng, Vitamins & Minerals)

5X10 Cap.




Herbal Vitamin Supplements – Build & Solid Anti-Aging Lifestyle

Many people have a strong desire to take herbal vitamin supplements because they:

1. Want to make sure that the body gets adequate amounts of nutrients on a daily basis to stay healthy. Many people don’t always eat a balanced diet and even if they did, many of the food nowadays are nutrient deficient due to poor farming methods.

Therefore taking a daily vitamin can be helpful in providing the necessary nutrients.

2. Need to replace vitamins that are low in the body due to infection, trauma, surgery or disease, or even just a high need for a vitamin because of genetic reasons

3. Want to take in food and plant sources that also contain a wide variety of nutrients and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that are good for improving one’s health.

The question you might be asking yourself is should I replace my non-herbal multiple vitamin supplement with a herbal vitamin supplement.

It really depends on the brand of multivitamin and mineral supplements you are currently taking. Herbal multi vitamins generally do not have anywhere near the vitamin content found in the more traditional formulas.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take them! The extra phytonutrients found in herbal multivitamins are so beneficial to fighting aging, detoxification, immune system health etc, that it’s hard to say no to them!

Check the label; if the herbal vitamin formula you intend on acquiring is a bit scant on vitamins, then keep looking until you find one that is more acceptable.

Even better, take a whole food natural health supplement that is well formulated and has a wide range of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and herbs. These nutrients are all easily absorbed by the body.

Absorbency is very important. As a matter of fact, the lack of absorbency is one of the major disadvantages with regular multivitamins.

When you take regular multiple vitamins, your body doesn’t recognize them as food and hence much of the nutrients aren’t absorbed by your body – they are simply eliminated. This is because these nutrients are synthetic in nature.

This is why some herbal supplements contain alfalfa. Alfalfa has roots that go very deep into the soil. As the roots go deep, the plant grabs vitamins and minerals along the way.

Research has shown that vitamin and mineral supplements that include alfalfa in them actually results in better health than those without them.

This makes sense because it’s difficult for the body to absorb a chemical by itself when the body was designed to absorb chemicals through foods and plants.

Foods and plants are loaded with other medicinal ingredients that all work together to foster a greater absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Other herbs that can be found in well-formulated natural vitamins supplements are rose hips and acerola berries. These two herbs are very high in vitamin C levels.

The advantage of including them in your diet is that they contain many more substances along with the vitamin C; ones that have required functions in the body.

For example, these herbs will contain quercetin, bioflavonoids, rutin, and hesperidin; constituents that help support the capillary structure in the body. Without them, capillaries become fragile and break easily, causing little red dots on the skin. This can happen to someone that just takes vitamin C by itself without including a herbal source of vitamins.

If you are looking to formulate a solid anti-aging lifestyle, then make sure that you take your natural or herbal vitamin supplements daily. It is one of the most effective additions you can make to your diet.