Leukof (Leucorrhoea)




Normal vaginal discharge should be differentiated from the so-called white discharge. Just as the degree of sweating differs in various people, the degree of vaginal discharge also differs considerably in various women. Most women do not know these variations, and a number of ailments like backache, weakness, joint pains and all ill-health in general are often attributed by them to the so-called ‘white discharge’. Some doctors are also inclined to endorse their thinking.


The common local causes of leucorrhoea are:

  • Trichomonal vaginitis
  • Monilial vaginitis and
  • Cervicitis

Signs & Symptoms

Trichomonal Vaginitis: It is the most local cause of leucorrhoea with a history of yellowish and frothy discharge, and the presence of itching locally more or less confirms this. Sometimes, the husband of the patient also develops itching of the penis after a sexual intercourse. Monilial Vaginitis: This occurs in any case of leucorrhoea where the patient is a diabetic or is pregnant or is receiving antibiotics or oral contraceptive pills.

Cervicitis: This is the third most common local cause of leucorrhoea, with associated problems like back pam.


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