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An Ayurvedic herbal formula which helps to relieve mood swings due to menstrual disorders. It helps to regulate menstruation and promotes a healthy attitude when coping with PMS.

Gynolic is a gentle, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that usually produce unwanted side effects.

Female Support has its roots in Ayurveda – an ancient health care system of India. The hormonal imbalance in a female is caused by many factors which include irregular lifestyle, dietary habits, stress and use of contraceptive pills. Surgical procedures like D&C, insertion of Copper-T and other Intra uterine devices are also not encouraged by Ayurveda scholars. They infact cause hormonal imbalance and irregular painful menses.

The delicate herbs in female support formulation helps in restoring the hormonal imbalance and help in painful menstruation. The menopausal syndrome also responds very well to this herbal supplement. The hot flushes, painful menstruation, back ache, leg cramps, pain during periods are all helped by this supplement, without causing further hormonal imbalance. Infact the balance is restored by using this supplement. This is a wonderful herbal remedy for ovarian cysts as well as uterine fibroids.

This helps in PMS as well. So it’s an overall health package for a female. By balancing the hormones, it also helps in strengthening the weak bones by helping in deposition of calcium on them.


Product Name


GYNOLIC SYP  (Menstrual Disorders, Leucorrhoea, Infertility)